A man goes to a doctor, fearing that he is sick. A doctor with deep dark eye sockets examines him, wearing a surgical mask, cap and gown. He tells his patient with an evil sounding cackle that all he needs to do is "Take these pills and close your eyes, wake up singing in paradise." Suddenly the surgical mask falls from the doctor's face, and the man realizes that the doctor is the Grim Reaper in disguise!

Panicked, the man escapes from the room. He then makes a plan to run from this devilish creep. He decides that he will have his body frozen and sent into outer space in a "tube of ice". He attaches a note that he is human, and writes if "SOMEONE OUT THERE finds me, Wake Me Up!"

After thousands of years of frozen isolation in space, he is finally discovered by a group of aliens on a distant planet. They gather around him to awaken him. When the man wakes up, he looks around and smiles, believing that he has escaped the Reaper. But then, out of the corner of his eye, he glances, and cries out with a look of anguish.  There--in the midst of the aliens, is the Reaper, laughing and waiting for him.  The chorus plays..."You cannot Run from the Reaper!"

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